Building on Sandy Point… fun times!

I’m not sure if many people have seen the new homes beginning to show up along the Sandy Point Shores, but it is good to see that others are able to build their dream homes in such a great community.

I’ve been planning for quite some time and have been spending quite a bit of time putting everything together.  Let me tell you this, it isn’t easy.  I’ll be posting specifics about the building/permitting process after I have been able to escape the flood of paperwork.

Some quick things to be mindful of;

– The west beach is in the Tsunami Velocity Zone, as I believe Decatur Rd by the Clubhouse is subject to this as well, meaning that homes will need elevated foundations in order to be approved.  This is where you have been seeing the pilings under a home’s framing.  (May need to check the map, but just confirm before making home plans final)

– Most of Sandy Point is a Flood Zone, meaning that many properties will have some parts… if not all, in flood.  Be mindful of this when putting your building plans together as it can save you some money in the long run.

I have been trying to find many resources for builders, contractors, surveyors, and plan information.  If anybody has recommendations, please feel free to post them on here or ask away. IMG_2092


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