Can you hear me now? – Cell service out here

Sandy Point, oh what a lovely location you have.  Well, that is, if you aren’t talking about your cell service.

For years I went through the struggles of trying to get AT&T figured out, fighting to find the correct location on the driveway to stand.  Of course, this also looked liked I could be directing airplanes on where to park at a terminal.  My family seemed to be doing OK with their reception, and I was always the one looking like the guy from the Verizon commercial wondering around endlessly trying to find some reception. (Instead of confirming the reception was good)

Well, I made the change to Verizon and it seems like all things are right.  Here are my experiences with 2 wireless companies out here at Sandy Point.

My 1st Company; AT&T – Horrible.  I would find that once I got to Jordan’s (gas station on Slater) I would find my reception would be gone until I got beyond Cleo Rose, which is the road just as you get out to the actual point of Sandy.  It is like the wireless gods have just dug a black hole in that entire area and made you wonder if your phone was actually working.  Once out to the point where Thetis and Sucia connect, things get much better.  However, much is saying a lot.  The ATT service is seriously scattered through-out Sandy Point and it is difficult to find a great spot.  When you find it, though, you want to latch onto it.  I thought that having clear views in all directions would help, but that isn’t the case.  I finally got tired of dealing with the back and forth, and made the switch to Verizon in 2013.

My 2nd Company; Verizon – MUCH, MUCH BETTER!  It seems that if you are going to be living out here on Sandy Point, Verizon needs to become your wireless friend.  I think I’ve only dropped a few calls at really random times, which may have been the other person on the line, and I am quite happy with the reception out here.  I’m able to get LTE in many places, which is the high speed data.  The other company seemed to struggle with that bit.  Also, I can be on a conversation in the areas that I would have been deemed missing had anyone been looking for me with ATT.  Driving by the refineries is now never a problem, as there would never had been a chance before, and I can even at times hold onto data.  Now, this isn’t always the case, but it is in quite a few cases.  I feel much safer and confident with Verizon, as I know I’d be able to get a call out from any place I am at.

What about the other providers?  Does anyone have experience with Sprint or T-Mobile, Virgin, and any others that some may use… I’d love to hear others thoughts on this.

Thanks for reading!


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