Sandy Point Sewer payments… something smells off.

I think I may need some help on this one, as my math may not be correct and the Lummi Sewer team may need to give some clarification.

We first received notice that we were paying $11,659 for our share of the sewer improvements, which was over $3.1 million divided by 269.  I guess some folks had a discussion with Lummi Sewer and the adjustments were made to be for all Sandy Point, which would be correct in that everyone had their sewer connections upgraded in some fashion.  However, after looking at the adjusted total for 1158 shares, it went up by $5.5 million!!!!  To my understanding, 900 people were not fronting the bill for that $5.5, but once it was figured that all lots were going to pay… they tacked on the $5.5 million to the total to keep the payments high.

I’d be very interested to see what funds were given to Lummi Sewer for this project, as I believe that they were doing this to also get sewer for the housing project they have planned.  This would mean that government dollars were likely given to them for the help in making the improvements.  If this is the case, it be supplied to the total bill with no contributions going back to any parties.

If anyone has some clarification on this, I’d love to hear it and see your feedback!  We are all neighbors out here, and should treat each other as such.



2 responses to “Sandy Point Sewer payments… something smells off.

  1. If I am reading the bills correctly, the cost to hook up all those that were not hooked up on sewer before was $3,136,294.82 divided by 269 properties. Final bill to all of them $11,659.00.

    The cost for the plant upgrades was $8,613,883.84 divided by 1158 properties. Final bill to each of us is $7,438.59.

    Why did is cost $5,477,589.02 to upgrade the pump stations, but only $3,136,294.82 to dig trenches and hook up 269 homes?

    I myself, would love to see an itemized list of the costs associated with both projects.

    • I believe it was all one project, though a voice was loud enough that they included all properties in Sandy Point, which is reasonable. My current residence is on the new system, and another lot that is on the old… though both had the same statement billings which changed this month to the higher total, higher property count, and lower total share per.

      I’d be interested to see their calculations, as they double billed me already. My belief is that it should be 3.1 million divided by the 1158, though if someone voiced the concern of having all properties contribute they may have raised the total to get more funds contributed. I just want it fair, and organized… which I think is all anyone could ask. I will need to track down the project totals and maybe see if there is anything around in regards to outside funding.

      Thank you for your comment!

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