I built out a site in support of the Sandy Point Dredge Committee that is in the process of getting to the final stages of canal dredge approval.  This committee is vital to the well-being of Sandy Point and we need to get this dredge done.  It affects each and every one of us.

  • Homes on the canal benefit financially from this access, improving the value of surrounding homes.
  • When the canal can be used, money is spent at the marina and comes back to the community through the improvement company.  This is for all of us.
  • Having the canal open 24 hours is a huge safety benefit.  Many people use Sandy Point as a safe harbor and if you cannot access the interior of the canal on the stormy days, it is a very long trip to Bellingham/Birch Bay/Gooseberry.  The fire department got a fire boat… which they cannot use for a larger window of time due to the low tides unless the fire is within the canal.
  • Sandy Point becomes more of a destination spot with our canal being one of the best access points to the Northern San Juan Islands.

Certainly, these are a few reasons and I recommend checking out the website or communicating with the committee about any questions you may have.  Your donations are much needed to help keep the process going to the final stages.

For the naysayers and doubters, don’t listen to them.  This community doesn’t need the toxicity, we are going to make this happen.  The committee is doing incredible things and fighting a massive uphill battle, accomplishing a lot in the process.  If you hear things like ‘this isn’t going to happen with the current people’ (said by someone collecting proxies… LOL) or ‘it only benefits those on the South Cape’, just shake your head and head on over to that website to get more great information.



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    • Hi Nancy, I have updated the post and have included a link at the very top. I thought the title would be a giveaway, though I can’t be certain how everyone sees the post and appreciate the heads-up to get a link in place. Thank you!

  1. I don’t have a boat but I definitely support the Sandy Point Dredge Project! The SPIC Marina is the only amenity that actually shows a profit. Keeping the marina viable benefits each and every member of SPIC as its profit-making status helps keep the annual dues lower.

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