About Sandy Point

This site is created for the benefit of those that wish to know more about Sandy Point, contribute their thoughts on current issues, discuss any and all things about Sandy Point and its Improvement Company.

Sandy Point is a small community located on the beautiful shores of Puget Sound.  It is located roughly 15 minutes from the town of Ferndale, the true ‘city’ of Sandy Point, and nearly 20-25 minutes out of Bellingham.

A small marina provides a wonderful access point for the San Juan Islands, giving a public/private boat launch to any that desire quick access to the beautiful Puget Sound.

Sandy Point also has a small, Par-3, golf course and swimming pool available to its members and guests.  For further information about the S.P.I.C. and the benefits of living here, please visit the main website for more ‘official’ information here; Sandy Point Improvement Company

My name is Tom Larsen, and I have grown up in this community since the day I was born.  I wish only for a great atmosphere and request that any and all comments, posts, and opinions be kind in nature and properly identify yourself.

41 responses to “About Sandy Point

    • That’s a great question, and one that may unfortunately be disputed until the end of time.
      – Always make sure to check your local water quality to make sure there is no sign of ‘Red Tide’.
      – If you do clam, please fill the holes back in with what you have removed.
      – Technically, the government owns the tidelands and holds it in trust for the tribe. The tribe believes it is their land and will attempt to enforce it for trespassing if they see fit. Any time you go onto the tide flats at this point, you run the risk of having a dispute with the tribe.

      I cannot say it is allowed to dig clams on the beach, and recommend you reach out to the Dept of Fish and Wildlife. (they will most likely say ‘no’, because they back down from any tribal related questions)

      Sorry I am not able to give a definite answer, as it is a question nobody in government will answer with facts.

  1. My family will be in the area this weekend for my daughter’s soccer tournament. Any chance we can play the par-3 course. We won’t have enough time to play 18 holes.

    • The nice thing about the Sandy Point course is that you can either do 18 or 9 par 3 holes. It is a 9 hole par 3 that you are allowed to place twice, with whites or reds the first 9 and altering to the other color tees for the ‘back’ 9. It is short and sweet, allowing you to get a quick golf fix in. The only issue is that you will need to be accompanied by a member to play. (Unless there was a change I am not aware of)

    • Thanks for the question! The homes out here very, with only a few vacationers. Many are long time residents, with quite a few Canadians taking up properties to get waterfront homes. It’s always active here, at least down on the Shores, and is generally an active community with your neighbors always around.

  2. I am considering purchasing a home in Sandy Point. I am curious as to, water, and sewer charges and raises in fees?
    It appears that the community is interested in a continuos improvement in property values, improving the landscapes of properties, and upholding the CCRS, yet, upon driving through the community, there appeared to be garbage cans, recycle bins and lots of clutter in yards, plus unkept landscaping in the condo areas that are paying high association fees. So, my question is, do the association bylaws apply? Are they up held? Before I make a lifelong investment, to come into an up and coming beautiful beach area or should I run away? Please address my questions. I really love the house.
    Thankyou so much

    • Hello Sally, I suggest speaking with the listing agent regarding water/sewer charges, as every home is different. This would also go to any fees/dues set by the condo’s association. There are a few different companies/associations here at Sandy Point, and your agent or the listing agent can give you the specific information regarding the exact property you are looking at purchasing. In regards to garbage cans and recycle bins… today was trash day, so you can expect there to be many cans close to the road for pick up. I’ve had ties to Sandy Point for all my life, living out here for the majority of it and building here in hopes my family can do the same. I wouldn’t live anywhere else, as this place is unique, as you won’t see the cookie cutter homes of urban developments found in town that carry the same 1 of 4 house plans every few homes. Some homes are still here from the 60s, while you have the newer modern homes going up, with more coming and raising the average home price out here. There are many out here that love their properties and have pride in ownership, though some may tend to neglect a few things. This is unfortunate, though it is a grain of sand on the beach compared to what matters out here. If you are concerned about the property of others, I suggest talking with your agent about the area, as you may need to locate a property that has an HOA that charges the dues for strict enforcement and fines of the community. (Birch Bay Village) Again, my apologies, as I am not sure which condo you are interested in and what type of association/company they have set up, and must refer to your agent for further information. I hope things work out for you and you find the home of your dreams in the area you desire. Most love it here on Sandy Point and wouldn’t want to leave for anything, and I’m one of them. Thank you for your post!

      • Hi Daniel, my apologies on the delayed response. This area is awesome for all ages, with many folks being of older and retirement age. Granted, there are younger families moving in, this is certainly an area that has housed the same families since the Shores were developed. Certainly each area has its pros/cons, though I recommend checking with anyone you know in the neighborhood that can offer you a more specific evaluation of the property.

  3. Hi,
    Curious, if I were to buy a home in sandy point would I own the land? Or is there a land lease agreement and I only own the home? Because of it being reservation land. Thank you in advance, 😀

    • Hi Rebecca, depending on the property you purchase, you should own the land out-right. There is no land lease agreement for the properties that needs to be worried about, though I do defer to your real estate agent, as they will know the specific information on the land that you are most interested in. And though I cannot speak to each individual parcel, I can tell you that my land on Sandy Point shores is not leased and I own it. Thank you for the question and hope you find your home!

  4. Hi, is it common that the gusty wind reaches 50 miles a lot in winter? Has this been a problem for the house by the shore?

    • Hi Craig. It is kind of common to get up to 50 MPH gusts a few times a year, with the highest hitting around 70 (VERY rare) a few years back. Please know this isn’t a constant wind, but a gust, so the average will likely be a high average of 35 MPH and gusts to 50 in this sense. We generally see high gusts during the winter, though once you get everything tied down or out of the wind, it is smoother sailing. The only problems I’ve had are chatter with my siding, as I have a wider spacing and the overlap isn’t as much to hold down each piece. However, once I heard the spots that were the worst, I was able to make some adjustments to them and minimize the noise. I’m on the shore and get hit right in the face by the NE wind, and the worst thing about that is when the wind chill drops well below freezing and I need to watch one particular pipe in my house so it doesn’t freeze. Be sure to check out http://www.rahknrol.com/rahknrol.html – Their website has proven incredibly reliable on what to expect in our area, and what we are currently looking at for all measurements. If you are on the shores and worried about wind and flooding, the worst for the West Beach are winds from the SW, W, NW… as that will push the water onto the beach and property. If you are on Lummi Bay, S/SW winds can be trouble because it will push the water into the bay and cause higher tides than expected. With all this being said, it doesn’t worry me one bit and wouldn’t ever deter me from living out here in this beautiful area. Hope this helps, and please let me know if I can answer anything else.

      • Tom this is extremely helpful! We bought the house on Sucia Drive. We used to visit the friend who owned the house and bought it when they decided to sell. I have to say that when I see the waves I get nervous but nothing has happened to the house😀. It is so beautiful out here! Btw, we love the Christmas lights by a few great neighbors. We need to get used to the concept of having a property by the ocean.

        Merry Christmas! Really appreciate you provided this website!


      • Welcome to the shores!!! I think so long as your are aware of when the high tide is going to hit, and what the forecast of winds will be, you should be able to prepare ahead of time and keep clear of any wave/water/wind issues. The site I provided for weather is awesome, as you know when to watch out for weather. Add a tide app on your phone and you will really be set. Also, get used to brining in anything with exposed metal, as the salt air/spray will really do a number on your equipment. This is especially the case with BBQs, as most those parts are not built for salt areas. Enjoy the holiday season, and your new home, and feel free to send over any questions and I will gladly answer to my abilities. Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Is there a forum that I can get suggestions from local friends about who the good service providers are, such as deck repair/ replacement or BulkHead building or a good plumber or a handyman in general?

  6. Hi there. I am looking to purchase a small undeveloped lot in Sandy Point with a preexisting dock, or at least old pilings that I can use as a starting point to rebuild a dock. Is there a real estate agent you would recommend who is best connected to the neighborhood, and knows more of the owners, as I suspect this will be a situation where having an agent who knows owners who aren’t currently listing will be helpful.

    • Hi Rob,

      My apologies on the delay, as I just caught the comment now for some reason. I hope things worked out on your home purchase, though if for any reason you are still searching for information about options for a dock on your new property that has pilings in place, I’m sure there are many out there that can help. Off the top of my head I know of 2 agents that have been here for ages; George Geer, Mike Bredeson, Shari Draper They have lived out here for quite some time, at one point or another. I have known George for ages and know that Mike Bredeson and Shari Draper live here on the canal, so both would have great info. My mentions are based solely on who I’ve known for a long time out here and I recommend checking around for other reviews to find an agent to your liking, though I wanted to toss out 3 that have been specifically here in Sandy Point for a long time, mostly with an address of their own. A couple others, Monte Young, Rachael Wilson, Glen and Michelle Streeter. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to help. And best of luck on the dock!

  7. Hello there!
    I am a young professional who recently moved to Sandy Point Shores from Virginia. I have been renting a room in a shared house and have absolutely fallen in love with the area and people here. I would like to become a resident and live independently, but I am not in any position to buy a home. Do you have any suggestions on finding affordable rentals in this area? I have considered posting an advert at the club house or marina, but I am unsure about the policies surrounding such things, especially since I am not a member.

    • Hi Laura, I’m sorry I missed this comment for approval back in June. A lot of homes out here are vacation style homes, where residents will come down during the summer months and head back to their annual location after the summer. I can imagine that there are times where a home/room will become available, though it is pretty rare since the demand for renting out here is pretty high. The condos at the end of Mayne Ln are a great starting block for pricing in this area, though I generally see those as for sale, with the occasional rental as well. I hope you can find something, or have found something, and the best advice I can give is to set up alerts on any site that posts this type of housing and keep your fingers crossed.

  8. We are considering moving to Sandy Point so all the above info was priceless. There are several homes on the market that fit the bill (we have a boat, love quick access to the San Juans, love golf, swimming pools and views (we have a view at our home now in Mukilteo),

    Question: Is the “canal” water safe to swim in, does the water get warm enough in the summer to swim?

    • Hi Cindy, you are talking to a kid that grew up out here with the desire to find any place to be active… including swimming in the canal. Though it isn’t the best place with boat traffic, fuel, other fluids, it can certainly fit the bill of someone is adventurous enough. We had a lot on the canal and the bay, while the neighbor on the canal side was kind enough to let us jump off his boat every now and then. Granted, this was the late 80s/early 90s, we still made work of what we had. I certainly wouldn’t promote swimming in the canal, though I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I would never go in it. Also, depending on where you are in the canal, the water can be pretty fresh from Puget Sound… making it quite cold. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will do my best to answer them.

  9. What was the name of the family that had the house that looks like a ski jump. It was one of the first homes there.

    • I think I know which one you are talking about. Can you give me the approximate location and I can probably figure it out pretty quickly. Funny, I’ve been out here for 40 years and that is still a decade short of how old our community is now.

  10. I just told the Ben Kinney agent we were interested in a Sandy Point lot today. Hours later the price went up $45,000.
    Initially I was going to ask if there are some documents related to the CCR’s that are searchable in PDF. The ones online so far, I found, on your site, are not.

    • The documents I have were the official docs at the time. I doubt they are searchable since the documents were created in the 60s and simply scanned to PDF instead of created with an application where PDFs could be searchable. The location you would want to check is here; https://oursandypoint.com/documents-forms/ If you are checking around the area I would recommend Mike Bredeson as an agent. Shari Draper and George Geere are also great agents and know the Point like the back of their hand.

    • Still waiting, my guess is the year 2074 after some people realize that it benefits everyone in the community… not just the residents. (Joking, somewhat)

  11. We’re visiting and looking to buy on Sucia. As we walked the beach, we noticed a variety of bulkheads and different retaining walls. We’re looking to buy and heard know some home have bulkhead leases with the tribe. Is it just some homes that lease them and others have built their own? Can you explain how maintenance would happen on a leased one if you were to buy a home with a tribal bulkhead.

    Also, are homes after the Sandy Point Shores sign ones thwt belong to the HOA?

    Lovely spot out here!

  12. There’s a gravel parking area on the point that people park at to get out and walk down to the shore. Just ventured over there yesterday and noticed a car blocking off the entrance to the parking area with the sign “STOP, no trespassing.” Is this permanent? I’ve been coming here for a while now to walk the shore and look at the birds down there, was curious to know what’s happening on the point.

    • Some properties out here are private with actual owners, which is the case on Mayne and at the end of Saltspring Dr. The very end is bank owned and typically used by the community, hopefully one day falling into the hands of SPIC. Not holding my breath.

  13. Does Sandy Point Community allow owners to offer their homes as short term rentals?
    How about long term rentals? 6 Moths and up?
    Thank you,

    • There are no restrictions here on what you can do with your home in regards to renting. This is not an HOA, though operates ‘similar to’, you won’t find the same restrictions here as you would in Birch Bay.

    • It really depends on what Whatcom County allows. People are putting campers on their properties all the time and so long as the structure isn’t ‘permanent’ you should be fine and able to dodge much of the BS that Whatcom Co puts you through. You should be able to get a recreational water connection for your ‘rv’ on your lot. Be sure when submitting for applications that you state RV and if you do plan to have a tiny home be permanent… you will likely need to pursue and actual building permit. Best of luck.

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